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Belilena Cave Exploration at Kitulgala

A journey to uncover hidden wonders of nature

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The ultimate cave adventure.

Turn a normal walk in the jungle into something exciting by joining us in an exploration of the Belilena caves.

The Belilena caves have significant archaeological value in Sri Lanka. They have been named as an Archaeological Reserve by the Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka as evidence of prehistoric human presence was found within them. They are located approximately 8 km away from the main town of Kitulgala and offer a delightful experience of nature and history combined.

The caves are home to the remains of Balangoda Man, an early ancestor of Sri Lanka’s indigenous people, from about 32,000 years ago. You can also admire various cultural and biological artifacts, such as stone tools, bone tools, fire traces, animal bones, and plant remains.

Our journey takes us through a lush green rainforest where we can enjoy the beauty of nature far away from the sounds of the modern world. To enter the cave we will need to descend on a rope ladder as it is 2000m below sea level and this is the start of our adventure. Even more interestingly, located a short distance from the mouth of the cave is a lake, parts of the cave system which lay beyond this lake remain a mystery as they are yet to be explored.

While in Kitulgala, please take this opportunity to partake in some of our other activities available such as Zip Lining, White water rafting and Canyoning. Our rafting activity is around 40 minutes, our day out package inclusive of rafting and canyoning will take around two hours. Meals can be arranged on request.

For an additional thrill take a 5 minute zipline ride that will give you more memories to take home after an action-packed day.

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