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Zip Lining at Kitulgala

Experience the thrill of flying through the air

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10 Mins
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350 meters

Would you like to view the lush green forests, rivers, and mountains from high above?

Flying has always fascinated humans and we have created different ways of enjoying the feeling of being above the ground. Zip lining is a highly enjoyable way of suspending ourselves above ground as there are no containers or enclosures surrounding us as we float through the air. The 365-degree view of the world below is incomparable.

Our Zip lining experience at Kitulgala will allow you to cross Zip lining off your bucket list. This short activity needs no special preparation and takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The activity’s starting point is on the main road itself and walking distance from the end of the ride.

This activity will be a perfect complement to those who are here to enjoy our white-water rafting experience or the day outing experience which combines rafting and canyoning. Don’t miss out on this short but exhilarating ride.

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