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Luxurious rooms with a touch of British architecture.

The story of the Plantation Estate Pattiyagama dates back to a coffee plantation in the 18th Century established by a Welsh planter Dominic Elwes. Sadly, the coffee blight Hemeleia Vastatrix which spread in the 1870s put an end to coffee plantations.

After the protagonist of Ceylon Tea, James Taylor, set sail to Ceylon, the Primal Tea plantation emerged in Ceylon and claimed field No 07 in Loolecondera. This regal embellishment led Ceylon to be the primary Tea producing country under Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s Era.

While on his endeavour to establish Tea plantations in Ceylon, Taylor fell in love with Loolecondera Estate which adjoins the Pattiyagama Estate where he marked his name in gold as the pioneer of the legendary Ceylon Tea. This made the central hill country of Ceylon a piece of heaven on earth. Taylors Seat was where Taylor had foreseen the future of Ceylon Tea when he witnessed the astonishing views of the Hills & Valleys spread out before him.

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