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A hiking adventure at Katusukonda

An expedition to the Hanthana Mountain Range

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A challenging hiking adventure for thrill seekers.

Katusukonda is a part of the Hanthana Mountain Range in Sri Lanka, which is a popular destination for adventure lovers. Katusukonda means “lizard’s back” in Sinhala, because it looks like a narrow and rocky ridge. Walking on it can be very risky and thrilling, as you can see the steep drops on both sides.

Our team is ready to take you on a challenging trek accompanied by stunning views on all sides. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding hills, valleys, and forests from the top of Katusukonda.

Katusukonda hiking can be a rewarding experience for those who seek adventure and challenge. It can also be a great opportunity to witness the natural beauty and diversity of Sri Lanka. The edge of the ridge is only about one meter wide. You have to be very careful and confident, as any mistake can lead to unpleasant results. We also advise you to carry enough water, food, and a flashlight as we venture into wild territories.

Join us on this adventure. We can arrange transport to the location from anywhere in Sri Lanka. All we need is your participation.

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