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Three Day Hike through the Knuckles Mountain Range

There is always an adventure waiting in the woods

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3 Days
Knuckles Mountain Range
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Getting closer to nature means we are further away from our troubles.

Feel like spending a day out in the wild? How about three? Here's the perfect opportunity all ready and waiting for you.

Our trip through the mountain range of Knuckles is specially crafted for experiencing an escape from the modern world. Three days may seem like a lot but once you get to the end we'll guarantee that you will be wishing it lasted longer. Such is the enchanting power and freedom of nature.

Our trek includes many opportunities to witness amazing sights and experience nature firsthand. Many people will go through their whole lives without seeing majestic trees towering over them, cascading waterfalls and wondrous flowing rivers up close. The animals and birds that you will get a chance to observe are a bonus in an already captivating journey.

The Forestry Department of Sri Lanka has implemented a reforestry project, an initiative taken to ensure that these gifts of nature will be carefully preserved for years to come. The cultivation of many different exotic trees and plant life with Cardamom plants in the undergrowth. These forests house a large variety of wildlife and if you're lucky you'll see an eagle or two in all their glory. The animals have made these forests their home, so we should respect and protect them as much as we can. We urge you to read carefully through our terms and conditions to get an idea of what exactly is needed from you.

Don't hesitate. This investment will give you more returns than you can even comprehend. The friends, family or colleagues who come along to share this experience will add to the magic of the journey and it goes without saying that shared experiences tend to be more memorable.

Life’s better when you add fresh air, a warm campfire and brights stars

Some things you’ll see on the way

  • Tea plantations
  • Pygmy forest
  • Cloud forests
  • Plateau with grassland
  • Endemic birds
  • Mammals
  • Freshwater creatures in crystal clear water streams
  • The highest-step waterfall in Sri Lanka.
  • And finally the Panoramic view at the peak of Leopard Rock
Moments to remember
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