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A Hiking Adventure in Manigala

Experience Nature and History in this Unforgettable Hike

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1 Day
Knuckles Mountain Range
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Transcend the ordinary world for an extraordinary experience.

Visiting the Knuckles Mountain Range is never disappointing. With its range of 34 mountains, there are unlimited opportunities for adventure for those brave enough to seek it. Some paths will challenge you physically while others will challenge the limits of your mind and open it to a new and incredible experience of nature.

The mountains range from 900 to 2,000 metres in height and you can witness a large variety of animals, trees and plants living in this rich environment which thrives under the protection of environmental laws.

Today let us embark on a journey to a place in Knuckles which has both natural and historical value. Manigala mountain has a long history associated with the tale of Ravana and is also called Ravanathenna, because it is believed that Ravana landed his legendary vehicle the Dandu Monara on its peak. The name Manigala presumably comes from the word Mani meaning Time in Tamil as Indian Tamils who migrated here as tea workers and for other various jobs, used Manigala to determine the time by measuring the amount of sunlight falling on its face.

There is a large open space at the peak of Manigala which is affected by high speed and sometimes dangerous winds. The trees at the peak tend to be stunted in their growth because of this. The lack of trees causes the peak to get overheated therefore we recommend making this journey as early in the morning as possible. From the peak you will be greeted by stunning views of the forests and waterfalls, cultivated fields and the entire Knuckles Mountain range which has made it a very popular destination for hiking, camping and photography enthusiasts.

The journey is not difficult and can be attempted with moderate fitness. However if the hike to the ridge which is 1,104 metres high is too daunting, check out some of our other options to explore Knuckles with our Knuckles 5 peaks package and our 2 day camping adventure at Knuckles.

Come experience the beauty of Manigala with us and make memories to last forever.

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