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A Hike through the Nature Trail of Horton Plains

A day with Nature

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6 Hours
Horton Plains National Park
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Some of your best memories are made in hiking shoes.

Take a relaxing hike through a beautiful location blessed with the beauty and wonder of nature. Join us for a day with nature. Sri Lanka is bountiful in locations with beautiful natural surroundings. Our country has been gifted with mountains, forests and oceans filled with opportunities to witness the wonder of nature firsthand.

The Horton Plains National Park in Ohiya is a protected area and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site on 30th July 2010 because of the large number of endemic flora and fauna species there. It is the coldest and windiest location in Sri Lanka. Horton Plains consists of an ecosystem such as montane evergreen forests, grasslands, marshy lands and an aquatic ecosystem. This plateau is positioned at an altitude of 2100 – 2300 metres is rich in biodiversity and many of the species found here are endemic to the region. Horton Plains is spread across over 3169 hectares of the highest tableland of the island.

The montane forest of Horton Plains is the primary source of three major rivers of Sri Lanka, the Mahaweli river the longest river in Sri Lanka, the Walawe river and the Kelani river. (we also offer you an opportunity to experience the rapids of the Kelani river in our rafting experience. Take this opportunity to see where this mighty river comes from)

Something amazing to look forward to is standing at the top of Worlds end. The World's End is an escarpment that has a fall of a sheer 900 meters.

The destination of most hikers is Worlds End. The main trek taking a circular route can be enjoyed over 3 hours and the trail opens up with an expansive panoramic view of flora, bare patina grassland, and densely wooded cloud forests.

At a distance of mere 200 metres beyond World’s End, the trek turns off the ridge inland to another lovely attraction: Baker’s fall named after Samuel Baker. The most often sighted wildlife at Horton Plains are herds of Sambar Deer.

Among the other mammals in the park are Stripe necked Mongoose, Long Tailed Giant Squirrel Wild Boar, the endemic Bear Monkey and Toque Monkey. When the hikers reach the summit of Worlds End, they can enjoy the panoramic view of mountain ranges and also when they look down from Worlds End they can see Balangoda Town, another ancient city in Sri Lanka.

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