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Hike to the summit of Kirigalpoththa Mountain

A challenging hike for the adventurous

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6 Hours
Horton Plains National Park
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The best view comes after the hardest climb.

We’re here with an opportunity for you to hike up Kirigalpotta Mountain which is the 2nd highest mountain in Sri Lanka. Standing at 2,388 m (7,835 ft) above mean sea level, this mountain is the highest mountain in the country whose summit is accessible to the general public. This 14 km (both ways) trail will take about 6 hours of mountaineering, trekking and hiking.

Our trek begins at Horton Plains National Park. Feel the thrill of hiking up the mountain via a single overgrown trail with several difficult hiking and mountaineering sections. Pass through scenic grass plains, cloud forests, bogs and steep rocky surfaces. Discover the exceedingly beautiful nature and varied wildlife in Horton Plains and Kirigalpoththa. Enjoy lunch surrounded by the mountains. Take photographs of the best views, better than the view from World’s End.

The best view is from the ledge just before the summit. The view from the actual peak cannot compare to it, but the path drops away to cliffs on both sides which is quite thrilling!

This is a 7km hike that is so difficult and treacherous that one in nine hikers are not able to finish the trek to the peak. Best attempted by the toughest and most experienced hikers. This hike is recommended from January to March but is also available from June to August.

If you are not sure if you can overcome the mountain, try our nature trail hike through Horton Plains for a similar but easier experience.

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