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Marvel Canyoning at Kitulgala

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Challenge yourself to try new things and experience a new way of life.

Do you ever feel like you could be doing more than just waking up everyday and going through your boring old routines? Do you feel a strength inside you that tells you that you are capable of more?

We have the perfect solution to your need for more. Our Advanced Canyoning experience takes place in Mannakethi Ella at Kitulgala. After taking the highway from Kitulgala over a bridge to Malwatte to reach the starting point of our trek on foot. You will have to trek up the mountain above the Girankitha-Oya reservoir for around 3 km where you will reach a footpath. After another 400m trek into the wild you will reach Mannakethi Ella.

Mannakethi Ella has a height of 200 ft (60m). The name Mannakethi was given because people used to wash their tools in this waterfall. “Manna” means knives and “Kethi” means hatchets. The source of this fall is the Girankitha-Oya reservoir that is served in turn by the western slopes of the Unagula Mountain. Mannakethi Ella flows down to meet and nourish the Kelani River.

Mannakethi Ella is a famous location for confidence jumping, water sliding, and now, people in this village have also started to do zip lining. Mannakethi Ella has more advanced confidence jumps and waterslides than our basic experience package at Kataran-Oya. The height of the confidence jump in Mannakethi Ella is around 40ft whereas the one at Kataran-Oya has a height of only around 15ft. The Waterslides here are also more advanced and considerably longer than at Kataran-Oya. This is a place for the daring and brave and will push you to your limits.

We at Rapid adventures have committed ourselves to a life of travel and adventure. We’ve uncovered through many experiences with people from every walk of life that no matter how low you are feeling in life, travel has a way of turning things around for you. We speak from experience; adventures fill you up with life. Be inspired and live to the fullest.

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