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A Hunt for Waterfalls at Meemure

Trek through the jungles and discover the secrets of nature

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Let’s take a walk through the forest and uncover hidden treasures

Come join us on a journey to a beautiful village surrounded by beautiful lush green forests teeming with the potential for adventure.

Day by day nature prepares for us scenes of incredible beauty. We will take you on a trek through paths teeming with flora and fauna and sights of mesmerising natural wonders. Beautiful and majestic waterfalls await you at the end of the trail where you will experience the power and wonder of mother nature firsthand.

Known as one the most remote villages in Sri Lanka, Meemure is located bordering the Kandy and Matale districts. The population of the village is approximately 420, and it can only be accessed via one road. As a result of this, the village has remained isolated and has maintained a very traditional culture dating back 500 years.

The closest city to Meemure is Hunnasgiriya which is 40km away. The road from Hunnasgiriya to Meemure is paved with breathtaking views of thick green jungles, hills and towering mountains and waterfalls.

The meals we have prepared for you are all using ingredients that are cultivated in the village and homes of the villagers and also sourced from the nearby jungles.

The road to Meemure has been repaired due to its popularity as a tourist destination. It is now possible to drive your private vehicles to the village without concern. However, we are also prepared to provide transport subject to an additional charge.

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