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A Hiking and Climbing adventure at Lakegala

Reach new heights with Sri Lanka’s hardest rock climb

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Not called Sri Lanka’s most dangerous mountain for nothing. This climb is far removed from the usual climbing attractions at Knuckles. Standing at a height of 1310 meters makes it only the 14th highest peak in Sri Lanka, but every experienced climber has declared it the most difficult to summit. The literal translation of Lakegala is the Rock of Lanka.

Lakegala has a unique triangular shape, which is its most prominent feature and is visible from miles away. Most importantly, unlike its neighboring mountains, Lakegala is the only mountain in the Knuckles mountain range that requires rock climbing techniques to reach the summit. Which means that it is the most challenging climb to attempt in Sri Lanka. Because of its challenging terrain and steep inclines, Lakegala attracts adventure enthusiasts and experienced climbers worldwide.

Do you want to be a part of the crowd who can say that they took on the challenge and completed it? Then come join us on this adventure right away.

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