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A Boat Tour of the Negombo Lagoon

Freedom, open air and calm blue waters

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Explore, Dream, Discover the world as seen from a boat.

Looking for a way to spend a relaxing day out? How about taking a leisurely boat trip through a scenic route at the seaside village of Negombo?

Our trip will take place down the clear cool waters of the Hamilton Canal. Originally constructed by the Dutch and later fortified by the British in 1802, this canal was named after Gavin Hamilton. Our journey begins at Negombo and will take you past views of fishermen who are getting their nets ready for their next sail, see the boats being launched to sea and the excess catches being washed and sun dried to be sold out as ‘dried fish’

We provide you with the best local professionals and all safety equipment you will need while travelling. We will serve you refreshingly fresh watermelons and other fruits along and quench your thirst with the delicious natural water of the fruit of the King coconut tree.

The trip would last around 1 ½ to 2 hours and it will be a calming and relaxing experience with the calm and chill breeze of the lagoon gently cooling you.

Our journey through the canal will lead us to the lagoon which is fed by a number of small rivers and the canal. It is surrounded by a densely populated mangrove swamp and attracts a variety of water birds including gulls, egrets and other shore birds.

Experience the sights and sounds of the lagoon from the best vantage point you can hope to find.

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