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Rapid Adventures Takes on the Challenge at the First Asian Rafting Championship 2024!

Rapid Adventures is thrilled to share our experience at the historic First Asian Rafting Championship, held March 3rd to 9th, 2024, on the roaring Sutlej River in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India!

This stunning location, nestled amidst breathtaking Himalayan scenery, played host to an electrifying competition featuring around 20 national and international teams. Rafters from Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka (that's us!), Iran, Iraq, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia battled the rapids and showcased their incredible skills.

Our three members of Rapid Adventures team wasn't just there to compete (although the competitive spirit was definitely strong!). The event provided a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow rafting enthusiasts from across Asia. We shared knowledge and experiences, and even had the chance to meet with members of the World Rafting Federation and the Indian Rafting Federation.

This wasn't just about competition - it was about building bridges. We saw this as a golden opportunity to promote Sri Lanka's incredible tourism potential and share the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage. We also seized the chance to witness the races firsthand, getting a taste of the thrilling atmosphere on the Sutlej.

Our ultimate goal? To establish a national organization for rafting and kayaking in Sri Lanka and introduce these exciting sports to a wider audience. Participating in the First Asian Rafting Championship was a significant step towards achieving this vision.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Indian Rafting Federation for inviting us to be part of this historic event. Special thanks to their president, Shaukat Palsingh Sikand for their warm hospitality and for initiating this collaborative project with Rapid Adventures.

This experience has reignited our passion for rafting and solidified our commitment to promoting it as a sport in Sri Lanka. Stay tuned for future updates on our national organization initiative!

⛰️ Press article on IRF (English)

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Here are a few memorable snaps:


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IMG 9049

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