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Aquatica Wave 2 - Preserving Ocean Reserves and Empowering Future Generations

Dive into Aquatica Wave 2: Join us in preserving ocean reserves and empowering future generations through innovative initiatives and impactful actions. Together, let's make a positive impact on land and beneath the waves for a sustainable future.

The vast oceans hold a world of wonders, teeming with life in all its forms - from the tiniest microorganisms to the majestic giants that roam the depths. They embody an integral part of our planet's ecosystem, providing biodiversity, sustenance, and the essence of life itself. It is estimated that more than 40 percent of the global population resides within 100 kilometers of the coastline, further highlighting the significance of these oceanic treasures.

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Rapid Adventures is proud to collaborate with the Rotaract Club of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in organizing the second annual 'Aquatica Wave' project. Our primary objective is to conserve and protect ocean reserves while fostering a positive impact on both land and underwater environments.

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The project unfolded through several phases, each aimed at raising awareness and inspiring action for a sustainable future. In the initial phase, we launched a captivating video series on various social media platforms, shedding light on the real-life threats faced by aquatic animals. The series featured remarkable stories, including those of Tilikum, Obie the Walrus, and Duncan the dolphin, capturing the hearts and minds of viewers worldwide.

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Continuing our mission, the second phase of the project focused on an enlightening awareness program held at Anula Vidyalaya, Nugegoda, to commemorate Global Recycling Day on March 18, 2022. In collaboration with Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd and Eco Spindles (pvt) Ltd, we engaged with school students, exploring recycling methodologies, the societal and environmental impact of recycling, and the imperative to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics. We also encouraged students to become ambassadors of change, taking the message of recycling back to their homes. To ignite their innovative spirit, we organized an idea pitching competition, allowing students to brainstorm and propose novel solutions to recycling-related challenges.

For the third phase, we partnered with Pearl Protectors, a youth-led marine conservation organization, to conduct a significant nurdle cleanup on March 17, 2022. With the combined efforts of 43 participants, including both Rotaract and non-Rotaract members, we successfully carried out the cleanup at Negombo Beach. This shoreline had been severely impacted by the X-press pearl ship incident, underscoring the urgent need for environmental restoration.

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In the fourth phase, we introduced an innovative approach to raising awareness: the concept of 'Eco-brick bins.' By collecting approximately 1000 plastic bottles through dedicated collection centers at the university premises, we initiated a workshop for undergraduate students, including our club members, on creating eco-brick bins. These bins, made by densely filling plastic bottles with recycled plastic, serve as versatile building blocks for furniture, garden walls, and various structures. We aimed to transform the problem of plastic waste into a sustainable solution that benefits both the environment and society. Additionally, we conducted informative discussions on the multitude of uses for eco-bricks, inspiring individuals to think creatively about waste management.

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As the project reached its culmination, we visited the Induruwa Sea Turtle Conservation Project & Sea Turtle Information Center in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. This center plays a vital role in safeguarding endangered sea turtles, incubating their eggs, and releasing the hatchlings back into the ocean. To support their noble cause, we organized a volunteer day, involving 27 individuals, comprising both Rotaract and non-Rotaract participants. Through the generous support of Rapid Adventures Pvt Ltd, we successfully launched the center's website, facilitating the dissemination of valuable information, soliciting donations, establishing connections with diverse organizations, and attracting more visitors and volunteers. Additionally, we made a monetary contribution to support the center's ongoing operational activities.

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Beyond the project phases, we also published a series of articles in commemoration of World Wetlands Day, Global Recycling Day, World Water Day, and World Aquatic Animal Day. By amplifying these important occasions, we aimed to further educate and engage individuals in the global conversation surrounding environmental conservation and the significance of our precious aquatic ecosystems.

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As a team, we take immense pride in our collective efforts to make a positive impact on both land and underwater environments. Our existence is intrinsically intertwined with the survival of aquatic life, for if it perishes, so do we. Let us join hands and unite in our commitment to conserving and protecting our oceans and the diverse life they harbor. Together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.

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