Hidden gem in the Heart of Unawatuna

Sisikirana Villa is a majestic property standing tall and extremely beautiful in white, peaceful and mind pleasing, located in a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood just 4 km away from the scenic town of Galle and just 5 minutes away from picturesque Unawatuna! It is a 3-bedroom country house fitted with modern amenities. Whether you are travelling as a family or as a group of friends you will find this villa ideal for a relaxed and calm stay. Both inside and out offers plenty of places to relax, unwind and entertain yourselves fully with no regrets!

Inside the doors of the villa, are the colourful cushions and beautiful wall hangings amidst the antiques and wooden furniture. Protecting the ancient and valuable nature of this premises, Sisikirana Villa stood out as a combination of both a modern interior and an ancient exterior. The area houses the dining table that can seat ten. Overlooking a pond full of beautiful fish, the interior brings out a peaceful vibe.

The villa comprises of 3 double bedrooms each which has a cozy queen bed, an attached bathroom, a huge wardrobe along with a dressing table and air conditioning. The room doors and windows open up to the landscaped garden and bring in the morning rays of sunshine lighting the whole room. The lounge area includes a comfortably furnished den with plush sofas, TV and DVD player along with a telephone and WiFi facilities.

Outdoors, the main attraction of Sisikirana villa is the soothing swimming pool, perfect to have a refreshing dip. It’s decorated around with sun lounges to relax with a drink and nibbles. The equipped bar adjoining the pool allows you to have your own beverages served chilled and fresh. The BBQ facilities await to make your late night chilling sessions more eventful.

The villa is serviced by a group of friendly and hospitable management staff. You can prepare your meals in the fully-equipped kitchen though the services of an in-house chef or on your own. In general, the continental cuisine decorates the dining, served hot and smells delicious!

A stay here gives you the opportunity to walk around to many distinct places including the beautiful beaches along the Unawatuna coastline. A miniature hike through the lush forests stepping on the rocky steps leads you to the Jungle beach which is truly a hidden Gem in Unawatuna. It is not far away from Roomassala, the Handungoda Tea Plantations and the Peace Pagoda too.

All in all, the serenity and the peaceful atmosphere at Sisikirana Villa relaxes and destresses you while you dwell. The pet friendly neighbourhood allows your fur buddies enjoy with you too! This is a promise to a magical stay at the heart of Unawatuna. A visit to the villa will prove the intuition right!

Chamindie Tissera

Travel Blogger

chamindieHello! I’m Chamindie Tissera, a 21 year old girl and an amateur travel blogger who loves to roam around and find hidden gems all around our beautiful island and later on, all around the world too !