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Whale Watching in Mirissa

Come see the gentle giants of the ocean

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November - April

In the middle of the ocean with the giants of the sea.

Over the past five years, Sri Lanka has become one of the world’s most popular whale-watching destinations.

In 1999, British marine biologist Charles Anderson revealed that there is an annual migration of blue whales and sperm whales through the Bay of Bengal and around the coast of Sri Lanka heading to the Arabian Sea (they head west in April, and return in December/January). Sri Lanka is perfectly placed alongside one of the world’s great cetacean migratory routes. We are almost always guaranteed to be able to witness these majestic creatures for large parts of the year. There is a high possibility of seeing Sperm whales, blue whales and even spinner dolphins in a single expedition.

Mirissa is in a perfect location for whale-watching expeditions. It has been opportunely placed where the continental shelf on which Sri Lanka sits is at its narrowest. You can reach ocean depths of 1km within a mere 6km of the coast – ideal whale country.

Sightings are most regular from December to April (with Dec & April being the best months).

Come visit beautiful Mirissa with us and we’ll take you on a journey to remember for the rest of your life. Seeing these magical creatures up close takes away the worries of our ordinary lives. Our problems become small as we witness the majesty of these gentle giants. We take great pleasure in giving you the opportunities to witness the miracles of nature like never before.

If the ocean is not for you, check out our trips to Udawalawe where you can experience more of nature from the safety of land.

Everything you need to go forward is right here. We have endeavoured to provide you with a comprehensive guide in order for you to be fully prepared as you set off on your journey.

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