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A hunt for waterfalls at Kalupahana

A hike through a world full of beauty, charm, and adventure

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1 Day
Kalupahana, Haputale
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A hike through a magical forest filled with rare views of beauty.

Spend one day with us and we’ll give you an experience to take with you for all the rest of your days.

Come to Kalupahana, the home of Bambarakanda Falls and Lanka Falls which are two of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Join us on this hike along an adventurous trek and it will give you an opportunity to see the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Bambarakanda Falls, which has a height of 241 metres and has been recognized as the 299th highest waterfall in the world. Kalupahana is the nearest town to these two waterfalls. (5km away)

The path to these two waterfalls in itself gives hikers an awe-inspiring experience because it has mesmerising sceneries and has a gentle breeze blowing over it. The path makes its way across a dramatic landscape with massive mountain ranges and Pine Forests. Be careful as you navigate through the Pine forests as the Pine leaves tend to make the floor slippery at times. After just a few miles of trekking, you will reach the base of the Bambarakanda Falls. Here, hikers can experience the continuous spray of icy water with the cold breeze and breathtaking view. Especially during the dry season, the rocks of this waterfall form a perfect friendly pool where hikers can enjoy a bath at the edge of the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

After trekking through the Pine trees, the hikers will see the Lanka Falls. The Lanka Fall got its name from the shape of the base pool of the fall as it resembles the tear-drop shape of Sri Lanka. Hikers will be visually surrounded by rocks and the beauty of the Lanka Falls. We caution hikers to not be tempted by the water in the pool at the base of Lanka Falls as it is too dangerous for swimming due to the depth of the water.

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