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Elephant Safari at Udawalawa

Witness the untamed wilderness up close

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3 Hours
Udawalawe National Park
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You will never forget the first time you see an Elephant up close.

An interesting fact : Out of the total land area of the country, Sri Lanka has a forest cover of 29.9% as at 2022, a noticeable drop from 34.16% in 2020 out of which 8.6% is classified as Primary Forest - being the most biodiverse category of forest available.

We are fortunate and blessed to be host to many different species of wildlife in our country and we have created an opportunity for you to witness the untamed beauty of nature in the Udawalawe National Park up close.

The Sri Lankan Elephant is native to our country and is one of three recognized subspecies of the Asian Elephant. It is the largest and also the darkest of the Asian elephants, with patches of depigmentation—areas with no skin color—on its ears, face, trunk and belly. Once found throughout the country, these elephants are now being pushed into smaller areas as development activities clear forests and disrupt their ancient migratory routes.

The Udawalawe National park itself is man made and was created to provide a sanctuary for Elephants and other wild animals displaced by the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir on the Walawe River. It is a paradise for wild creatures and is the third most visited park in the country.

The Safari tour will take place in the afternoon as this is the time that the highest number of elephants are reported to be seen around the paths.

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