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A Beach Safari at Colombo Port City

Take a fun ride and see the best of Colombo Port city

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45 Mins
Port City, Colombo
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A safari in the city. Join our ride to see the sights at Colombo Port City.

Looking for a way to have a leisurely day out? Why not visit us at Colombo where we have organised a one-of-its-kind tour of the beautiful Port City.

We have joined hands with the World’s Leading ATV manufacturer, a North American Company, Can-Am by BRP; and we have implemented our ATV tracks in accordance with global expertise from professionals. We feature top-class, high-end ATVs that exceed tourist expectations.

Colombo Port City features Sri Lanka’s only artificial beach. We attempted to satiate the curiosity of tourists and locals who wish to see the sights at Port City by organising this tour which is the only tour service available in Port City right now.

The skylines of Colombo have never looked this good and from the comfort of our special ATV purpose-built trailer, you will be able to have an experience to remember.

Our tours take approximately 30 to 45 minutes and are organised for groups containing a minimum of four adults. A maximum of 02 kids can be allowed per group.

This is an ideal experience for families and even senior citizens who are looking for a novel way to spend a day out in Colombo.

Come enjoy the adventure of riding an ATV, now in Sri Lanka!

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