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Wangedigala Hike 2024

Discover the Majesty of Wangedigala

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1 Day
Mar 1, 2024
Mar 1, 2024
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What does this means?

We all need to get out into nature and relax and unwind. Why not take 24 hours out of your busy schedules and put it into something that will give you nothing but positive returns?

Wangedigala and Wangedigala mountain are located near a beautiful village called Kalupahana. Some interesting facts about the name Wangedigala. It was given this name due to the pestle shaped peak of the mountain. The sinhalese word for pestle is wangedi. And the word wangedi-gala is a direct translation of the phrase "Pestle Rock".

Wangedigala and Wangedigala Mountain are two different peaks which most locals as well as Tourist hikers consider as the same peak. Wangedigala is a rock platform on the left side of the mountain that resembles a large stage and offers an exquisite view of the surrounding area.

Hiking through the Pine forest of Wangedigala, hikers can witness the beauty of mountain ranges around them and breathtaking sceneries of Bambarakanda Falls and Lanka Falls which fall from the mountain neighbouring Wangedigala. Hikers will have a thrilling experience of crossing Bambarakanda Falls via a rope bridge.

We will be trekking through many stretches of forest which grow Pine trees. The needles (leaves) of the Pine tree are very slippery to tread on so be cautious when hiking these paths.

Join us on this unforgettable expedition to Yahangala and create lifelong memories as you explore this hidden gem.

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