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Let’s get discover Negombo

Are you ready to have a breath-taking experience in the city of Negombo? This city is a perfect combination for both local and foreign explorers to feel the Sri Lankan cultural activities.

Negombo, a lively city rich in history and culture, is only a 15-minute drive from Bandaranayake Airport (BIA). It is the most convenient big city to the airport and the perfect place to start your Sri Lankan adventure. But Negombo is more than simply a beautiful city but a place with lot of activities to adventure on.

Dutch Canal

The Dutch Canal is an old waterway. This was built by Dutch during the colonial period. This is a long river runs down the city. This Canal is filled with stories from past, present and future. So, this is very special for Negombo city. People can walk beside it and see old buildings and houses. Sometimes, people use small boats to go on the canal and see the views. It's a peaceful and nice place to visit, especially in the morning and evening when the sun is not too hot. It's a part of ancient Negombo that you can see and enjoy today.

dutch-cannel-old dutch-cannel

Negombo Beach

Negombo Beach is a beautiful place by the sea in Negombo. It has soft sand and blue water. Many people visit the beach to relax, swim, and play in the waves. There are places to sit, and sometimes you can see colorful boats on the water. The sunsets at Negombo Beach are really pretty with orange and pink colors in the sky. People like to take walks along the shore and collect seashells. It's a fun place for families and friends to enjoy the ocean and have a good time together. Let your inner child come out and play on the shore.

negombo-beach negombo-beach-2

Negombo Lagoon

At Negombo Lagoon, there's a world of exciting activities waiting for you. You can hop into a little boat and go kayaking while the sun paints beautiful colors in the sky during sunrise or sunset.

kayaking sunset

For a bigger adventure, you can join a boat tour guided by friendly experts who will share stories about the lagoon and show you interesting spots. Have you ever seen monkeys up close? On the Monkey Island tour, you can watch them play and swing around – it's really cool!


And if you're curious about local life, visit the fish market to see fishermen selling their catch.


Keep an eye out for colorful birds and other animals that live around the lagoon. And guess what? You can also just sit by the water, listen to its gentle sounds, and relax. Negombo Lagoon is full of fun, relaxation, and amazing things to explore!

Looking for a thrilling time in Negombo? Rapid Adventures is here for you. We offer fun guided tours, easy airport transfers, cozy places to stay, and even self-ride rentals. Explore the Dutch Canal, check out the fish market, or relax on Negombo Beach. Whatever you're into, we've got you covered. Interested? Just reach out to us. Let's make your time in Negombo unforgettable. Rapid Adventures is the way to go. Contact us now and let's get the adventure started!

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