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Discover Dolukanda Mountain

Discover the legend of Rama and Hanuma, breathtaking views, ancient ruins, and the challenges of reaching the top. Join us in preserving this natural treasure as we unravel the secrets of Dolukanda's beauty and heritage.

Dolukanda is a mountain with a height of 1969 feet, located in Kurunegala district, with historical and biological value. According to Rama Ravana legend, Dolukanda is considered to be one of the parts of the Himalayas that Hanuma brought to heal Rama, who was injured in the war.


In Dolukanda, we can find rare medicinal plants such as Nagaraja, Hiruraja, Vanaraja, and Garudaraja, which are only found in the Himalayas. The ruins and ponds are evidence to prove that there was a palace complex for King Buddhadasa.


There are several caves in which Rahat Theros lived in the past. There are two routes to reach Dolukanda. You can go on the Kurunegala - Madagalla road, get off at the Godagala junction, and reach Doluwa village. After that, climb up the mountain via Rankirimada Vihara.


The other way is via Dolukanda Temple, which is situated on the Wellawa Ganewatta road. It is relatively difficult. When you reach the top of Dolukanda, which is full of natural beauty, you can see a wide range of views of Kurunegala, Wellawa, Ganewatta, Deduru Oya, Wariyapola, etc.


There is a cave to spend the night in, but sometimes it is dangerous to camp on the rock due to strong winds. The cave is safe Drinking water is difficult to find on the top of the mountain. In the dry season, it's so hard to find water there. Even in the rainy season, you have to go down through the dense jungle to find the flowing stream. Anyhow, if you can climb up the top of Dolukanda, you can see a marvelous view of the sunset.


While climbing the mountain, it is advisable to be careful of poisonous snakes and wild animals in the dry region. Care should be taken to climb the mountain before the darkness of the evening.


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At present, the natural environment of Dolukanda is being destroyed due to the bad attitudes and actions of the travellers. It is a matter of pain. Fulfilling the responsibility of a traveler, we commit ourselves to protecting this precious natural environment.

Harshan Pramodya

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